Tragic week

Not far from my hometown in Southern Utah this week, there were tragic flash floods ending the lives of many people. When I first read about it on facebook, it didn’t seem real. However, I called my mom later that afternoon to see what was going on and if they were fine. Flash floods are a desert reality. The home of my youth sat just outside a canyon and the street was at least once the path of a flood, but our home was just out of the line of fire. The aftermath left a lot of debris on my friend’s yard, but the flood followed the street downward into low lying areas with no homes and didn’t destroy anything. At the same time, about 1-2 miles away the asphalt was buckling like an earthquake happened at my dad’s development from the canyon flooding there. A slot canyon is the worst place to be with any threat of rain. My condolences to the families of the flash flood victims.

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