bAcK 2 sChOoL

School is back in session for us. A few days before school started it was so cold when we were out of town for the labor day weekend I thought we’d have to go buy coats since we didn’t check the weather before packing only our summer gear. Instead, we just cranked on the heat when we were inside our rental car and accommodations and tried to manage when we weren’t. After all, we had just purchased new school duds and I didn’t want to buy a coat we wouldn’t need in 48 hours, but the weather was cold. We managed to avoid any clothing purchases and then it got progressively hotter this week to down right nasty heat yesterday. As we were driving through Europe in mid-August, it was obvious that signs of fall were already coming on quickly and it is the same here in Oregon nearly a month later. It felt like I didn’t go on any walks or hikes most of the summer, but when I said that my children reminded me that we walked all over Europe. Then, I remembered our utter exhaustion from trekking to train stations or trying to make it from parking garages to appointments with long lost friends and I guess there was a lot of walking involved. At the end of the summer, we managed to be off social media more than on so in this day and age it is a definite win. The children are in good shape with one of them surviving her 2nd season of farming in Idaho and the other 2 kept me entertained. We don’t have time to commit to organized sports right now so it is the first fall in years with no soccer.

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