The game of all games……

When we picked up my husband at PDX on Saturday morning, we never imagined we’d be watching our favorite UTES play that night. The UTES joined the PAC12 a few years ago and we had been trying to get down to see them play, but I had never opted to buy tickets beforehand due to the potential of local rainy conditions. #fairweatherfan Furthermore, if I’m going to pay a lot of $$$$$ I want to enjoy myself! Well, Saturday weather was gorgeous so we decided to go after we managed to find a last minute points room. It was totally meant to be because in the past they would not accept points bookings for game nights. Last minute travel can work out nicely. The room availability made the trek a lot more appealing since we wouldn’t be driving home after a tiring football game and the best benefit was that it was within easy walking distance of the famous and beautiful Autzen stadium. It was our first football game as an entire family and we made it until just after halftime until giving up from getting a bit chilly and complaining exhausted children. Then, we finished watching the game from the hotel lobby while enjoying hot cocoa. We went for the UTES and didn’t expect a win, but it turned out to be a history making game for our team. #GOUTES

¿Creepy place?

When I lived in France 25 years ago, I lived near a cemetery. (Along with a number of other places….) The other day, as we prepared to leave and say our goodbyes, we visited the cemetery as a last hurrah. Our hosts lived next to the cemetery still where I once lived with them, but we were actually staying at their daughter’s home since she had a much larger place to accommodate the 5 of us. As we arrived early in the morning, the fields were close by and the smells were very nostalgic of a time long ago. It was August 19th, but already there was autumn in the air and it was a crisp cool morning and we’d be buying hot cocoa and croissants within the hour before hitting the freeway to head far North on to Belgium. There is something remarkable about the way smells can quickly evoke powerful memories and that morning brought me way back to my 15th year of life with the scent. Anyway, I used to walk over to the cemetery while I lived there. Nobody living was ever in the cemetery, yet it was fascinating. It was definitely not the well manicured lawn filled cemetery of my Utah town, but a place of fascinating mausoleums. We walked the rows and rows of cross covered tombs and then said goodbye. I wasn’t looking forward to the goodbye part of the trek cause I wouldn’t be seeing them again, since my hosts were elderly people, it was especially poignant and heavy.




Tragic week

Not far from my hometown in Southern Utah this week, there were tragic flash floods ending the lives of many people. When I first read about it on facebook, it didn’t seem real. However, I called my mom later that afternoon to see what was going on and if they were fine. Flash floods are a desert reality. The home of my youth sat just outside a canyon and the street was at least once the path of a flood, but our home was just out of the line of fire. The aftermath left a lot of debris on my friend’s yard, but the flood followed the street downward into low lying areas with no homes and didn’t destroy anything. At the same time, about 1-2 miles away the asphalt was buckling like an earthquake happened at my dad’s development from the canyon flooding there. A slot canyon is the worst place to be with any threat of rain. My condolences to the families of the flash flood victims.

bAcK 2 sChOoL

School is back in session for us. A few days before school started it was so cold when we were out of town for the labor day weekend I thought we’d have to go buy coats since we didn’t check the weather before packing only our summer gear. Instead, we just cranked on the heat when we were inside our rental car and accommodations and tried to manage when we weren’t. After all, we had just purchased new school duds and I didn’t want to buy a coat we wouldn’t need in 48 hours, but the weather was cold. We managed to avoid any clothing purchases and then it got progressively hotter this week to down right nasty heat yesterday. As we were driving through Europe in mid-August, it was obvious that signs of fall were already coming on quickly and it is the same here in Oregon nearly a month later. It felt like I didn’t go on any walks or hikes most of the summer, but when I said that my children reminded me that we walked all over Europe. Then, I remembered our utter exhaustion from trekking to train stations or trying to make it from parking garages to appointments with long lost friends and I guess there was a lot of walking involved. At the end of the summer, we managed to be off social media more than on so in this day and age it is a definite win. The children are in good shape with one of them surviving her 2nd season of farming in Idaho and the other 2 kept me entertained. We don’t have time to commit to organized sports right now so it is the first fall in years with no soccer.