Biking… We still bike….

This summer has been crazier than most. We knew it would be crazy, we just didn’t know there would be a move thrown in the mix to make it crazy squared. We aren’t sure when the move will go down as the “crazy” real estate market never seems to work in my favor so I get to sweat and sweat and sweat and possibly send off my husband without us. Anyway, we went to an island the other day and I had already given up going to another island (the one I wanted to…) because the only thing to do there is ride a bike and I wasn’t sure my youngest could handle a day long bike ride. So….we went to L’île de Ré. A few years ago I read in a chic US travel magazine about this unknown (to Americans) place and it was a place that I knew as a place for biking and being chased around by my younger host brother. He thought he was Bilboa Baggins and I was the enemy…….so he chased me around the island with his wooden sword and we didn’t really see many other people back in 1991. Now, it is on the radar of the Hamptons crowd I guess. When I saw that they were renting bikes, I couldn’t resist. I went and rented 5 bikes and then my youngest threw a fit. She didn’t want to get on a bike. She couldn’t remember how to ride a bike. BLAH BLAH BLAH… I was not really in the mood after paying 50 Euros and wanting to bike super bad so we had to relearn to ride a bike. You know what? It was just like riding a bike and after she got over her bad attitude we had a great time. We had so much fun, but didn’t want to overexert her so we turned around before doing half of what we wanted, plus we were on dinner duty at the home of our friends we were visiting so we definitely didn’t want to flake out even though the biking was SUPER FUN!!


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