A few years ago I wanted to do the camino…..

A few years ago, I saw the movie: The Way about the Camino Santiago de Compostela. It was a really good show about walking. Knowing we were going to be in Europe for an extended trip, I continued to consider this option. Although I never came close to actually doing it, it is a very cool thing. We were only coming here on our extended trip when school was out and walking in the heat of the summer really didn’t sound fun, not to mention sleeping dorm style at my age. Add to that the possibility of bed bugs and it becomes really iffy. Of course there are more posh options, but when you go with 5 people you have to actually be pretty intelligent about budget issues. Fast forward and we are in France in a very comfortable townhome rental…….. We have had to go multiple times to the grocery store a few miles away,our hot water runs out long before the day is over and worst of all is that the laundry machine pretty much doesn’t really wash our clothes. So, we are kind of roughing it as it turns out. I have adapted by doing my dishes while boiling pots of water at the same time to keep the food preparation hygienic so we do feel a bit like campers. Good thing we camped with my family in the seventies to give me a few ideas. However, my Mormon pioneer heritage is clearly far up the family tree at this point.

Otherwise, we are on the West coast of France and we are having a good time. We are not really used to having extended vacation time since we are Americans so it is taking a bit of getting used to not running from place to place. Actually, we are kind of extreme in that we did a world tour in about 10 days in 2014 so maybe we’re a bit CRAZY. (Well, my kids do get dragged and don’t get much say….. ) We are here to visit old friends of mine and to take advantage of a closing window of opportunity since some of the people we will be visiting are NOT spring chickens. I am very excited since we haven’t made it to these parts in 10 years. We have been doing our own touring, but in a few days we will be guests to some brave elderly friends. The other reason the camino was inconvenient is that this is the place I wanted and needed to come visit so Spain will have to wait, but I don’t think camino is too realistic anyway for this gal.


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