August already???

The past few days have been around 100 degrees in Portland, Oregon. After living here for 8 years, I have a low tolerance for hot days like that so I stay inside during the heat. We have had some nice pleasant walks in the night though. I like the warm temperatures, but I don’t like the sun beating down on me. When I was growing up, we would go to Las Vegas Β to a waterpark and once when it was 118 degrees at 10 night it was just awesome. There was a temperature and clock that hovered high in the sky at a casino next to the waterpark so that is how we knew the temperature. Tomorrow, we are embarking on a long held goal. It is amazing how goals can be so hard to achieve. In my youth, my education goals were what was the most important thing to my existence so I was pretty dedicated and then when schooling was done the paths were endless and more complex. I LOVE the beginning of the movie UP that shows the man and his wife saving up for their goals, but always other stuff gets in the way. It is really profound and true to life. Yesterday, I was at the dentist since my daughter was getting her braces off. My dentist runs a thriving practice as the only dentist and her husband had a high powered job and he was also the primary care taker for their teenagers. Last time we talked, she told me they would play tennis for 4 hours a night most nights when she would get home from work. I was astonished cause I knew it I ran a dental practice that I’d be on the couch every night not being able to move from exhaustion. However, she was energetic beyond my imagination. Fast forward, I had heard something was wrong with her husband since we had had some appointment cancellations in the past few months which we were fine to work around. So, I asked if he was okay………. and he is dying of a terrible aggressive cancer and she is now running her practice and the show. Tennis has been sidelined for them indefinitely. Life can change is a second. Life is precious. Goals are important, but some people aren’t lucky enough to ever get that far.

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