After a long day of having fun when home last week, I checked my facebook feed and I discovered that some of my old buddies had gotten together that day and they had gone to lunch together. The reason for the get together was that one of them lives in Okinawa, Japan. I figured that I had missed my boat since I was heading out the next morning and commented out loud to my sister in law and my mother that my friends had all gone to lunch together. Oh well….. I don’t like commitment with old friends as it is enough of a challenge just to visit family members. Later that evening, we went to a community event and my sister in law says that she sees my friend….. My luck has changed and I get to visit with my good friend while she is stateside from Okinawa as her husband is a dentist there with the US Air Force. It was so awesome to see her since it had been several years and then she told me to come to a party with our other friends that she had been to lunch with earlier in the day. So, I ended up hanging out with people I hadn’t spent time with in over 25 years as a group. It was my old track team buddies. They were fast back in the day and now I was meeting the next generation. (—the offspring as a few of them had married each other)  One of them even said that his soon to be senior is the fastest in the school. To some people that might seem pretty arrogant, but since mom and dad were also super fast back in the day, it was simply a fun to hear fact. My friends were all pretty much nerdy athletes so it was a good wholesome group to grow up with. I never lived and breathed running like them though and spent more of my youth in my music and travel pursuits. There are now 2 high schools in the hometown and 2 of my old friends had to leave the party to get to bed cause they had to wake up and coach cross country in the morning; one at each of the now rival schools. Life goes by in the blink of an eye. FUN NIGHT!

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