I made it after all.

We weren’t likely to make it to the folks’ house this summer due to reasons in the last post, but we were actually able to leave in the nick of time. We drove over 2500 miles these last 8 days with a lot of fun in the mix. When we arrived in Southern Utah on Sunday night and it started a downpour, it looked like our hiking would be put on hold. Monday was a cool and rainy day so we stayed home and recovered from the drive. On Tuesday morning, I checked the weather and we jumped in the car to go to my favorite destination: Zion National Park. When we arrived at Zion to take the shuttle bus, it felt like Disneyland there were SO many people there. Of course I know there are around 2 million visitors a year there, but it was really something to see the lines. Last year, we were there on a slightly rainy cool day so we didn’t head to The Narrows so we really couldn’t wait to get in there. Despite the rain from the day before, there was no rain scheduled for that day so we went in. You DO NOT enter canyons when there is rain or chance of rain. Flash floods can and DO occur. We had an awesome few hours and the kids loved it. They were quite angry to be taken away from their cousins in town, but they got over it when they saw the awesomeness. We were missing our oldest as she was farming with other cousins in Idaho so it was just the 4 of us. The muddy water represents the rain from the previous day. When you hike in The Narrows for a few hours, you do not need special gear, but you can rent special shoes if you want to at a local shop. We just always plow right in with our running shoes. Also, a lot of people will have walking sticks. I usually just leave it to chance and use one if I find one. (The real stick kind not the ski pole looking kind!) I do not like to carry a lot of gear. I like to be realistic and I don’t like to carry extra stuff. I need water, food, and a camera. We ate at the lodge before the hike so we didn’t carry any food. Since you are walking in water, you probably won’t get thirsty on this hike, but on the other Zion hikes it is critical. However, you will see people who seem really prepared and others who just go for it. You have to do what you can with your own comfort level. As for the lines at the shuttle, I also had never seen so many people inside this hike. Despite the fact that I’ve been there many many times, I could really not comprehend nor describe the beauty of this destination. It is truly something to behold and experience.

narrows2 narrows1

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