I have finally arrived, but I’m not sure where…..

This morning while I was organizing my closet and I heard some noise in my yard, I was wondering what the noise was all about and then I remembered that the gardner/lawn mower was out there. I have always been the chief lawn mower for our home, but it was time to outsource since we are moving and I don’t want the yard to get overrun before we hopefully soon see a SOLD sign in our yard. Also, I wanted to verify the quality of work beforehand. After all, now I’m paying someone for THIS!

Growing up, we always had a lawn guy because we never had a lawn mower that functioned so my mom in frustration quit dealing with that and hired a guy. He would later be my high school Spanish teacher, but he was always at first the lawn guy to me. Another reason we had a lawn guy was that when we went to visit my relatives in Kansas one summer in the early eighties, the day we showed up my cousin’s wife had cut off her toe due to mowing the lawn in flip flops. So…. my mom was not very excited to raise lawn mowers, but she made sure we knew that you NEVER mow the lawn in flip flops. I have some awesome old running shoes that are usually coated in an inch of mud to do my yard work in and an automatic shut off mower if I fall, but I can never forget every time I pull out the lawn mower the trip to the hospital to see my cousin’s way ex-wife after she lost her toe.

Besides my lawn excitement, we have been doing some good local walks because we are currently stuck on location waiting for paperwork and house stuff to be worked out. I have also been doing a lot of trips to the Goodwill. I am a big fan of Goodwill and I buy stuff there sometimes like a good Oregonian, but mostly take my stuff there A LOT. Actually, as Mormons we have our own brand of Goodwill and it is called DI. (short for Deseret Industries) In Utah, it is a verb. To D-I your stuff……. Since the Goodwill is much more convenient to me in Oregon, it is where my treasures go. One of the days, I even went to a different Goodwill to drop off stuff since I thought I’d seen the workers too many times already that day. Today, I made 2 trips and I’m past the point of caring if they’ve seen me too much. I parted with Moby Dick this afternoon when I was feeling realistic that I don’t think anyone is going to ever read that unless forced in AP English so it needed to go too. As much as I feel like a minimalist, 8 years of stuff adds up.

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