Bright legs!

My father has always been dark skinned for a WHITE guy, but if you saw his legs you could potentially go blind. Though he had black hair and has always worked outside, his legs are like alabaster. So, today when my white legs were seeing the sun and my daughter told me my legs were bright I just agreed. Growing up in Southern Utah, I got my first diagnosis of basil cell carcinoma (least deadly form of skin cancer) when I was 27. It was successfully removed and I am supposed to go for yearly skin checks. In Southern Utah, the sun just looks brighter there. The sky is so beautiful blue and the sun shines there most days. I also think the lack of industry probably contributes to uber low pollution so the blue sky there does not look like the blue cloudless Oregon sky like we had today. So….I avoid the sun by living in Oregon and trying to NOT get sunburned when I am in the sun.

I don’t think I’ll make it to my favorite hiking destination this summer: ZION NATIONAL PARK due to being very busy, but this morning we put my 13 year old and #1 walking partner on the plane to my hometown PDX-SLC-CDC so maybe she’ll make it there. I’m pretty sure I need to task my brother with getting her out for a hike behind the house in the canyon at least, but tomorrow she’ll be spending the 4th in an old fashioned home town kind of way. We are unsure of our plans for Independence Day beyond a hot dog roast and avoiding any traffic hot spots.

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