What to take camping??

My youngest daughter has been begging to do a “camp out” for a few weekends. She really wanted to do it in the yard, but I knew it would be a lot of work and she wouldn’t actually sleep out there so since we had confirmed good weather conditions for last weekend, I booked a camping trip. We went to Cape Lookout State Park about 1 1/2 hours away on the Oregon coast. We have some of the greatest amenities in the Oregon State Parks for really affordable prices. We have taken advantage and enjoyed of a few of them. Oregon beaches were established and preserved for the people instead of mansion owners so we have the greatest most accessible and ruggedly beautiful coastline here. Our campground was about a block off of the sand in a super secluded campsite with hedges and trees surrounding us in a place that was full of other campers.

What do we take camping? Well, we take our North Face tent we got for $50 from the University of Utah outdoor recreation used gear sale 15 years ago and our $40 Costco family tent. Other than that, we had an insufficient camping mattress pad, sleeping bags, and pillows. The second most important stuff is what to eat? We usually do a Dutch oven dinner, but my husband decided we would roast hot dogs this time. I was not excited by that proposition since I like my gourmet camping food, but the hot dogs turned out great; also, a lot less effort than something which requires a few hours of cooking and multiple ingredients.ย Then, of course dessert is a big deal. It has to be s’mores. ย Cause who doesn’t like playing in a fire pit? Growing up we always had to take a bunch of junk food whenever we went to the mountains too. It was like food from the 1970’s was required eating. Think: Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Twizzlers……….. Good stuff that was always reserved for treks. So what do we take for camping? A LOT of stuff for just an overnighter. It is quite a bit easier and frankly possibly cheaper to go to the Marriott, but you don’t wake up cold in the most beautiful place in the whole world.


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