I often go walking…..

The other day when I was walking with my teenager she told me my blog is “MORE about travel….” I guess, but how many times can I talk about my awesome walks around the neighborhood? Furthermore, my travel posts are the ones which elicit a bit more than no excitement. Well, we did go on an awesome walk for Memorial day. One of the ways to exit my Oregon neighborhood is just so spectacular it blows my mind and we walked through there that day. It is a lush forest with ferns and pines that touch the sky. I do not think I could tolerate living in one of the homes there that do not ever see much sunshine, but it is a very magical place. I feel it every time I drive thru on a near daily basis.

My brother is coming to Oregon with his in laws this weekend. There will be A LOT of them. Since they mostly all live in the high mountain desert of Southern Utah, they are going to be in awe of Oregon beauty. They come from a red rock landscape with few trees and Oregon has the greatest trees. He also came out to Oregon to visit us with his family in October a few years ago. We had a great sunny day on the coast and we walked around the hipster Portland neighborhoods with too many kids. We were always in everyone’s way! He really grew fond of Voodoo donuts and may have been there multiple times in a 4-5 day vacation. In fact, he has been there more times than me. I’m pretty sure he’s anticipating a trip there soon and also their extended family can’t come for a true 1st trip to Oregon without stopping there.

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