Instead of going to Jerusalem, I went to Hollywood this last weekend for my husband’s work award. He does not work in film. I spent a lot of the 1980’s on the California beach between LA and San Diego, but I’d only been to Hollywood once as a child and I remember it was seedy. Well, it is still a seedy place, but it reminded me a bit of Las Vegas. I have never really had a “Vegas” experience, but it is often a transit station on my way home to Southern Utah. In Hollywood and Vegas, some stuff glitters and some stuff you see is the stuff of a horror movie. We went for a rare work opportunity, but it isn’t somewhere I’d ever choose to go.

On Sunday morning, I decided I wanted to have breakfast in Beverly Hills since I’d never been there and we drove through it on our way to Hollywood so it was super close and on our route back to LAX.  I googled places for breakfast and surprisingly couldn’t find anything too exciting, but chose a place cause it was by Rodeo drive so we could eat and go for a walk after. Once you leave Hollywood, you see the Beverly Hills sign and things go from questionable to beautiful fast.

After breakfast, we started walking toward Rodeo drive and circled a few blocks. There were a lot of fancy cars and at least one clunker driven by THE HELP, no doubt. There was also this really annoying guy going up and down the streets in his Maserati revving his engine. I guess you buy a fancy fast car so you can drive it really fast from stop sign to stop sign.

There was an outdoor art show going on in the park so we walked around the park and eventually decided to take a walk around the neighborhood before heading to LAX. Some of the homes were gated and some were not. BEWARE of DOG was a normal sign.  We walked for a couple blocks and then there were these Asian tourists on the sidewalk taking pictures of a home. Then…….. there was a woman on the grass getting her picture taken and then they went to the front door and posed for a picture. There were about 10 of them all together. I was getting really upset thinking how outrageous it was that they were standing on private property photographing themselves at this home. I was just like a deer in headlights. Before I knew it, there was a guy who comes out his front door one foot from the lady on his porch and says: “This is not okay, this is not okay….” They were grown adults, not kids and I was so uncomfortable hoping it was obvious we weren’t with them and glad our iphones were tucked away. They even didn’t immediately acknowledge him kicking them off his property and pretty much still kept standing around. We just kept walking, but I really couldn’t believe the situation we had witnessed. It was like it was in slow motion.

"selfie" (old school style) Rodeo drive is directly in front of me.

“selfie” (old school style) Rodeo drive is directly in front of me.


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