Mother’s day and American awesomeness…..

Happy Mother’s Day! I have been blessed with 3 healthy children so most of my days since I became a mom have been pretty awesome. I have enjoyed each stage, but amazingly I discover that I keep enjoying the next stage as well.


This picture reminds me of how much I love Mexican culture.

so pretty...

so pretty…

Rodeo queen

Rodeo queen

sooo cool.

sooo cool.

This biker club was one I'd join, but I don't know how since they didn't have a sign.

This biker club was one I’d join, but I don’t know how since they didn’t have a sign.

Yesterday we went to a parade in Portland. It was the St. John’s parade. My daughter was marching in the band so we decided to drive over and watch. I had never been to the area and it always amazes me that there is so much to discover in a city. We parked in a residential area and took iphone pictures of the street signs so we could find our return route. The modern Hansel and Gretel Β way to solve this problem. We finally found a spot on a curb just as it began. Since the traffic had been unexpectedly bad, I was prepared to be annoyed if we went all that way and missed our own group cause we got there a bit after it was supposed to start. Parades are such a great part of American culture. I have attended and been in many a boring parade, but there is something so unique about them. Portland parades are more fun than most. This parade in particular had every type of person you could imagine. It started off with the mayor walking one foot in front of us: to football players, bands, people on bikes, characters in their cars playing the song from COPS, rodeo queens, preschoolers, motorcycle clubs, Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile, Ronald McDonald, Portland pirate club, and more…… Portland never ceases to amuse. America has some pretty cool people.


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