I was supposed to be taking a red eye flight to DFW tonight, I was then going to be flying to Amsterdam for a day of lay over sight seeing and then on to Tel Aviv. After I finally started to solidify things and start paying for stuff, my husband found out he won an award at work. Now I am crazy about travel and I don’t want anything to get in the way of that, but career lightening may not strike twice so we were torn between 2 incredible options that overlapped each other. Let me say that I have spent years and years of my life not going out (=taking care of children and never hiring babysitters) and when I got the chance to “go out” I’d booked a trip to Jerusalem. What are the odds? To add insult to injury, a week later I heard wordpress was having a conference in Portland and I really really would like to learn more about this blogging stuff in a real world atmosphere. I never could have done online college. I’m super old school bricks and mortar; but, the wordpress conference was when I was home in Utah in March. UUGHH!!!! Originally, we were going to try to do it all since the awards soirée was the night we flew back to the States, but then reality set in and I backed out of “doing it all.” Do we really want to show up to a work function with red eyes and not looking/feeling our best? I don’t think so! After much deliberation, we cancelled our first ever trip to Israel at a loss of miles (FlyingBlue promo!!!) and $$$, but this way we get to show up and be present at the party. So……in lieu of spending my day packing today, I was able to be on my deck gettiing red legs from a sunburn instead of worrying how I’d feel tomorrow morning after the red eye.


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