May Day

I can’t believe it is May already. School will be out in about 6 weeks. We have a lot of plans for this summer and it looks like we may be adding a lot to those plans. The other day, I was able to book swimming lessons in the 2 week gap that we have.  The lessons may have to be scrapped for more important stuff, but for now we are enrolled. We only do swimming lessons in the summertime at our house since we aren’t in the water much in Oregon. The ocean in Oregon is not somewhere I want to swim as it is way too cold. I generally prefer to swim outside and it needs to be at least 90 degrees for me to be comfortable which frankly doesn’t leave too many days as an option around here. The lessons will be indoors though so we can at least refresh the kids’ abilities. Although my husband has a near identical build to Michael Phelps, we are not great swimmers. If he had not been the 5th child to parents who never signed their children up for swimming and his parents HAD signed him up for swimming, well olympic history might have come from Idaho. LOL….. 🙂 Yesterday when I was poking around at travel deals as I spend a lot of my time doing, I discovered something which could be very useful to our family and definitely others. Euro rail passes are free for children 4-11 this year in 2015 with the purchase of an adult pass.  I don’t know if it will be continued in the future or not, but I’m pretty excited about it. Rail in Europe is the best way to get around distances. It is very convenient and easy. I won’t book now because I’m plagued with some recent  non refundable trip cancellations so I’ll probably wait until the last minute and click purchase on this sweet deal.


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