EARTH DAY and other made up days…

Yesterday was “Earth Day” I saw it on virtual media. It seems to me that there is a day for just about everything these days. I like “donut day” as Krispy Kreme gives out free donuts and as a mom, free donut day provided 1. an activity and 2. a free donut. WIN! WIN!! When I lived in Russia, I got congratulated for being a woman on International Women’s day. I had never had anyone congratulate me for my womanhood before so I laughed at the “international” part. Now over 20 years later, it is catching on also thanks to social media, I think. However, I always think of my friends on that day and wonder whom they are giving flowers to. (ex-wives, mothers, daughters, wife……) On April Fool’s day, I had to deliver something to the band room at the middle school. Students ran out of the room telling me: DO NOT TO GO IN THERE… I told one boy I didn’t really have all day and continued on my way. I discovered a band room that had been toilet papered. I was impressed that students wanted to do that so badly that they came to school early to get it done. It was all I could do to get to school one minute late back in the day. I dropped off my thing and left. So…..when my church youth group told me the other day that I couldn’t go in the door, I was envisioning the same scenario from a few weeks earlier. To my surprise, they had made it LEADER DAY. They had made my partner/coworker and me cookies and posters telling us we were awesome. It was a bit better than a toilet papered room. Mormon youth are trained to do nice things so it wasn’t a total shock, but toilet papering a room wouldn’t be a shock sometimes either. Did you do any earthy stuff yesterday?

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