chauffeur with no cool hat….

Yesterday, I had to drive my middle school daughter and several others in a caravan to a jazz band competition. Our first stop was a lunch scheduled in the hipster Mississippi part of Portlandia. Quite frankly, I don’t even know what a hipster is, but Portland is their capital.  I hadn’t been to that part of town since shortly after we moved here so it had changed and was even hipper or else it was a whole different street than the one I’d seen before. At any rate, suburban band students invaded their neighborhood for an hour. It was fun. There was a really cute ice cream parlor that I need to go back to, but probably won’t. After eating, it was off to the competition. As it was my second time, I was already aware of the competition and they were fierce so no need to get too excited. After arriving, the band director decided to change the schedule and stay a bit longer for awards. Um…no…that didn’t jive with my schedule. I run a tight ship. I didn’t commit to this and then when I realized 4 p.m. traffic is just bad, I decided I’d stay as long as I could and leave.  Here is the thing, you have to make calculations for everywhere you want to go; then throw in some traffic and try to get back to suburbia. My daughter was in charge of the map. We entered the traffic abyss and miraculously made it to our 5 p.m. appointment with 5 minutes to spare.  Yes. I love living in suburbia. :0 I’d love to be a hipster and bike everywhere I go, but it takes 15 minutes by car to get anywhere, let alone where I need to go.


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