Pensées about the Boston marathon

Any terror attack is profoundly tragic, but the Boston marathon one affected me worse than others. I think it is because I ran way back when and I could conceive of the utter exhaustion that those people could have felt at the end of the race and then to have to flee in a moment of tragedy or triumph. I once competed in a cross country race all on red dirt at around 100 degrees. At the finish line, I was beyond exhausted and my body was breaking down. I’ve never come close to a marathon, but that day I was pushed to my limit so seeking refuge from chaos in that moment of the bombing would have been acutely challenging. The day of the bombing, I had a friend who had crossed the finish line several minutes earlier and my husband’s boss also had already finished before the bomb went off we learned later. Hopefully the victims can feel some peace in this time of “trial” in Boston.


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