Spring Break

Spring Break is here and we never even had winter. When I see pictures of my friends back East still getting snowed on I can recall how happy I am that I don’t live there anymore, but also how amazing it was when things finally thawed out. You really earn your summer in some places. Yesterday, I helped with a middle school “social.” As I was helping sell candy, all of the students were pushing and shoving and money was literally flying everywhere. They were all paying with big bills we didn’t have change for and it was insanely chaotic. I hadn’t dealt with ca$h in many years, but it’s pretty easy to calculate when everything costs 50 cents or a buck. LOL There was no mark-up for the students either, which I appreciated.  I have become quite the regular at the school in the past few weeks. The best reason for volunteering there for me is to see what middle school life is like in this day and age for my child. I am not there enough to be utterly shocked much, but I have encountered a few really impressive well mannered students. It is a very multi-cultural public school with students from every corner of the planet. Where I grew up, there were probably 96% WHITE folk and Native Americans. Las Vegas wasn’t very far away though so we weren’t TOTALLY sheltered. Anyway, I am not much of a spring breaker. Spring break to me sounds like hedonism in Fort Lauderdale for college students, but it has evolved into a staple of American society. However, since we have the time off, it’s time to go over the river and through the woods to the desert on Monday we go.

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