Do you have the luck of the Irish?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Do you have any exciting plans for this holiday? I have been taken for an Irish girl on more than one occasion and told that because I have dark hair and pale skin: “you must be Irish.” Last year, I went home to Ireland to see my people for the first time and I didn’t see my doppelgänger anywhere. Actually, I know for sure that my ancestors came from England and Scotland, but I’m pretty sure there is also Irish in there too. My children on the other hand have more of a mixed heritage. They have Scandinavian roots so all 3 came out blonde. As I didn’t understand anything people were saying to me in my ancestral homeland, (Ireland) I must be AMERICAN. Seriously, I didn’t understand those people AT ALL. My Irish seat mates on the airplane were perfectly coherent, but the locals were from Ireland or something so I just pointed and smiled when ordering food and hoped it turned out edible. I loved the Irish vegetable soup! Now, you’re probably thinking who cares about the soup, I’d go for the beer; but nope, Mormons (us) “usually” don’t travel for the beer so I didn’t get any Irish beer. We did manage to tour practically the entire country in less time than has ever been done before. We did more miles in one day than some Irishmen have done in a lifetime. (When you’re from the American West, driving LONG distances is pretty normal.) The day we visited the Ring of Kerry was incredible. I highly recommend this famous drive. It was a sunny mother’s day (in Ireland) Sunday and we had the road to ourselves. In fact, it looked like Hawaii the sun was sparkling so much on the water. Chances are our luck of the Irish would never hold out again since the road is usually crowded with tour buses and less awesome weather or so I read in my guide book. I DON’T recommend driving there as it was FRIGHTENING, but we definitely got the best insurance and we got out remarkably UNSCATHED. Those poor Irish people always being invaded by American tourists who can’t drive!

On Sunday, I followed my daughter to support the Portland Shamrock run. She was playing in the band and we got to be entertainment. They got paid!! $$$$ (to support the school band program of course) It rained a lot and nearly blew me away while I was setting up the tents they were to play under. I had always wanted to support runners, but not bad enough to go into the city early in the morning so this was my chance. There were supposedly 35,000 people running that day. I was pretty good at cheering and the runners really loved the band’s support. The students played for hours with no water and minimal breaks to catch their breath. In return, a lot of the runners expressed their appreciation as they went by. There were runners of all shapes, sizes, and abilities.


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