Nike World Headquarters

This week, I was a chaperon on a middle school field trip with my daughter’s school. Every parent wants to go on this field trip, but it is pretty much the luck of the phone call. As I was home at the time they were calling the would be chaperons, I got to go. We were going to Nike World Headquarters. It is only about 15 minutes from our home, but it is a closed campus and you cannot go there unless you are an employee or with an employee or for a school field trip. If you are LeBron James, Tiger Woods or someone like that then they have also probably been there. We arrived in awesome yellow school buses. When I lived abroad as a student, I learned that yellow school buses are so unique, but I never would have imagined that before as it is such a normal part of American school life. I wasn’t always a bused student so buses to me are very nostalgic remembering my school track trip competitions and orchestra festivals; they were good memories so it is always an enjoyable time to board a school bus for a trip. Upon arrival, the students were placed in different groups and then would go to 6 different stations. I followed my daughter’s group and they worked out with Nike employee volunteers who were former collegiate athletes of some sort and now happy to be out of their desk jobs for the day. They started off in the indoor facility which was a basketball court with an indoor track on the upper level. We later went outside and they played soccer and football on a big fake, yet awesome grass turf. After we went back inside where the students met the Nike Skateboard shoe design team and were able to “design” a shoe. The design employees were much more interesting (IMHO) than the other employees with a more artistic and less athletic flair. The last event in our rotation was the indoor track. It isn’t often that I get the urge to run laps, but I did. However, I did not give in to my inclinations as I was a mere chaperon. At the end, we went back to the main gym floor and ate sack lunches while Nike had a guest speaker for the students. Her name is Sarah Reinertsen . It was a great inspirational talk by a person who didn’t let her disability get her down and became a Nike sponsored athlete. It was a fun day where the students really pushed themselves and most participated the entire time. It was a fun experience that was generously provided to the school by Nike.

Nike soccer field

Nike soccer field

shoe design studio

shoe design studio


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