Walking to school is dangerous, but so is not walking…..

I have heard and read that walking to school is becoming rare. Have you ever heard the stories of the glory days? When parents (now grandparents and great grandparents presumably) would walk to school uphill both ways? Well, I walked to elementary school. It was a neighborhood affair. We walked in all kinds of conditions. I even took a short cut home one day after my book order books had come and I was up to my knees in mud. The short cut was near the creek and probably after snow melted so I was quite literally up to my knees in mud. My brand new books were ruined. First of all, getting to order from the book order was a rare treat too so I was devastated. However, it didn’t kill me. I was a rural student and it was the eighties.

When we were in Tokyo in December 2014, I saw the most incredible sight. Adorable school girls on the subway in their uniforms making their way to or from school. They were so cute and I wanted to take their picture, but having extremely limited Japanese language skills, I didn’t want to be a weirdo and take a picture of some children. Granted, it is supposed to be very “safe” in Tokyo, these children were navigating around in one of the biggest cities. It was incredible! But here in the United States, it is now deemed by many tooΒ unsafe to allow children to grow because it is quite dangerous. What did I learn from my trudging through the mud? Not to go that way! I was never dumb enough to go play near the swift moving creek on my walking route, I figured that out without an experiment. At our home, walking to school is not always conducive to our schedule, but we do it whenever we can. I will offer no explanations for the various dangers which could be encountered, but refusing to allow it would not be a solution either.


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