What are you waiting for?

At church this week, my friend came to thank me for inspiring her to go to country X.”If you guys can do it…. SO CAN WE !” While I am happy to inspire people to travel and see the world, this individual is a native of country X with her parents and roots there.  I would think that going home to see your parents and your homeland that you haven’t seen in a long time should be inspiration enough, but somehow our family adventure was some kind of catalyst for them. If you WANT to travel there are very few reasons for not being able to do it. If finances are holding you back, then quit going to Starbucks (insert other place if necessary) and I assure you that you can find a way. I personally never go to Starbucks because I don’t drink coffee and I wouldn’t spend $5-10 on a daily waste of $$. I can count a lot of things we haven’t done to prioritize travel. As a disclaimer, not getting a formal education was NOT one of them!!!! I can also strongly advise watching travel deals. I find WAY MORE than I can take advantage of.                           

                                                                                ßΟΝ ∇∅γ∀G∃ !


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