Roomer travel….

I used to be super obsessed with I always got incredible deals. I have used it for many years in Waikiki, Paris, Anaheim, Washington DC. and many other random places. I find it is very useful for cities. However, it is absolutely useless in rural landscapes where I often find myself. I am not much of a camper. It isn’t because I don’t enjoy sleeping outdoors; rather, it is because of all the tedious preparation.  (Most often, I have some family member I’m visiting anyway……) These days, I have a strange addiction to making travel plans and then changing my mind. I don’t change my mind on wanting to travel, but the destination specifics get changed frequently. I am also trying to maximize my loyalty to either earn or burn points. However, I recently decided to lock myself into something and then poof, I have a conflict. I had heard of  so I decided to look into it. They will try to sell your non-refundable non-transferable hotel bookings. I have made my first posting resale on there, we’ll see. Anyway, it looks like a cool website to watch for deals for future travel. You can never follow too many of those. 😉

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