There is now a teenager in my house….

The pink bike belonged to her grandma, but she never got on it so we toted it from Utah a few years ago.

The cute Electra bike used to belong to her grandma, but she never got on it so we imported it from Utah.

My firstborn turned 13 today. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and then raised in Pennsylvania and Oregon. The time has gone by so quickly. She is almost as tall as me and has long been wearing my clothes.  She was excited to get a facebook account today and be “legal” on social media. She has only had a cell phone for about a year now. I was reluctant to pay for that and turn my child over to potential time wasting technology, but I also needed her to be socialized into today’s world. Before we turned her over the trendy newest most up to date iphone on the market, (for 5 seconds) we had long discussions about the pitfalls and dangers on the internet. Indeed this week, I had more “issues” in regards to this subject so we had to revisit prior discussions. #parenting

We took this bicycle picture this morning. Since we live on a hill, teaching my firstborn to ride a bike was nearly the death of me. It was soo frustrating. I hoped that the other 2 would be a lot easier to teach. Just like with most of the things we have done, the other 2 figured it out a lot quicker. I wouldn’t blame the child, but the teacher (me) was pretty inept. We have 2 beach cruisers at our house that I love, but our bike rack isn’t really made for them so we have to take other bikes when we leave home.

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