Grand Canyon rescue….

The first time I went to the Grand Canyon, it was on a college geology trip in 1995. The Grand Canyon wasn’t very far from home, but we’d never gone as a family; so I signed up to take a $20 college day trip with my sister and best friend.The time of the year was May and the trip to the North Rim was not a guarantee because the North Rim closes for the winter. When we got to the desolate washboard sand and dirt roads and they were dry, we kept on going. We had a lot of fun that day with our packed lunches and me telling my sister to not get so close to the edge!!! I am also the YOUNGER sister. 🙂 This week, a college in Northern Arizona decided the unseasonably warm dry winter of 2014-15 was a good time to try out their back country class skills; low and behold, a rescue had to take place. This is what one guy commented: “Survival knowledge and preparation means: Cell phones, extra batteries, training in long distance dialing.” My guilty pleasure is always reading the comments on internet news. I particularly enjoyed that one. LOL

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