In 2010, our family got a real shock. My husband got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. We had 3 young children and my husband was the sole provider for our family. The shock of discovering that MS is a very expensive disease was a second shock. For the first time in my life, the life of the disabled opened up to me. I had lived my life generally unaware of physical limitations due to other forces than laziness. I come from a background where eighty year olds own and run businesses; so, we’re pretty physically healthy. Also, we are Mormons so doing healthy stuff is usually par for the course. Today, we attended a family day at OMSI https://www.omsi.edu/ Β for Multiple Sclerosis. It was a morning of information presented by a psychologist about how to cope with this illness and an afternoon of fun discovery at the museum. There were people in various stages of the illness with their families. Β We were lucky to have gotten a diagnosis at a time when they were making great medical advances for MS so we have not had to deal yet with disability, but it has been an education and an at times unpleasant adjustment. If you have a healthy body, you are a lucky person.


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