So many friends doing awesome things…..

Yesterday, one of my friends announced on facebook that Random House will be publishing her first novel in 2016. She posted about how it was the realization of a lifelong dream. Now, lots of people want to publish a book, but I met her when she was getting her Ph.D in English at Penn State University about a decade ago and she was willing to do hard things. She is now an English professor in my hometown in Utah and put raising children as her first priority, but didn’t give up on her dreams.  It was really exciting news to hear! Another one of my friends that I spent a huge part of my childhood with is a skin care expert. She has a lot of famous clients in New York City, but eventually made her way back to Utah. She has overcome a lot of challenges in her life and she is doing awesome things. I know some people feel bad about facebook and it is truly mundane A LOT, but I have had real in the flesh reunions due to it. Also, it is just amazing for those of us who lived life without these things to know what happened to so and so…….  This is my friend the skin care expert.   Ironically, both of these women have beautiful RED hair. What a coincidence!


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