Dallas Fort Worth and then Dallas Love Field

A few weeks ago, I made some flight bookings that will be taking me through Dallas. YEE HAW! I spent a lot of my summers in San Antone growing up out in the countryside and I know and love that area pretty well. However, I’ve never been to Dallas beyond DFW. While I wasn’t intending on going there other than the airport, I am now going to be spending about 18 hours there due to a goofy flight situation. I booked a flight from DFW to PDX on Southwest airlines and unbeknownst to me, it changed the flight to DAL which is a different airport. It’s actually quite a fluke that I figured it out too. Had I not figured that out beforehand, I may have had a meltdown at the airport. : Where is my GATE????……..”You’re kind of dumb aren’t you ma’am!!??” Since I never enjoy sweating bullets about catching flights, I had actually left a fairly large window, but still I now had to go across Dallas to catch my flight home. Since my flight was booked with Southwest points, I discovered I could change the flight for FREE  and the points price had dropped too! WIN-WIN with my stupid oversight. I then decided to just depart the next day so I could enjoy a hot afternoon by the pool or some tourism.


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