It’s Valentine’s day so you can justifiably eat junk…..

I am a coupon/discount fan. I will probably not go somewhere unless I can use a coupon/discount. Travel hacking is sort of like using coupons for travel fanatics. Some people take it to the extreme (like this week) and don’t leave any product on the shelf for others. COOL I’m no extremist like that!  So, yesterday we bought some donuts for Valentine’s day. I had a buy 12 get 6 free coupon. Since there are only 5 of us, that seemed like too many. In fact, it nauseated me to buy that many since donuts don’t freeze well and only taste good fresh. Anyway, I almost reconsidered, but didn’t. Low and behold, the junk food you consume makes you feel yucky. On another note, I almost practically haven’t had a soda since I decided not to for my new year’s resolution.

Too many donuts consumed -1 point —-almost no soda in 2015 +1 point Total: 0 points

So if you happen to randomly read this post today, just consider yourself forewarned to the pitfalls of getting your favorite chocolates. 😉 If you will be posting on the facebook account for bitter single people on Valentine’s day, go out for a walk instead you’ll benefit far more.


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