Walk after play a thon

Yesterday, my middle school daughter played her trumpet for 12 hours for a school band fundraiser “play a thon.” Last year, I talked her out of it and only allowed her to play for 5 hours. She was very determined to go for the full 12 hours this year so I gave in. She made it and managed to not be carried out on a stretcher, along with many other awesome youth and an amazing band director. When I was the same age and for many years, I was involved in many different music performances; but my stamina never would have lasted that long. She earned a shirt from the event and many tickets to buy cherished junk food. These days kids get shirts for every event they participate in, but this shirt was earned from hard work. Her lips were swollen and her arms hurt, but I made her walk with me since she decided to wake up early on her no school day. We had a good time in the fog. Getting out of the pajamas was not a requirement for my companion, but I at least threw on some work out gear.

Blooming already???

Blooming in February???



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