In case you couldn’t tell since the day after Christmas…..

valentine's day

             SUGAR TIME

It is almost Valentine’s day!  The first Valentine’s day after I got married in the year 2000, my husband decided not to get me anything; rather he was just a guy and couldn’t have cared less about the day….. After I spent the day working and every other girl got sent a dozen roses to our office, I was pretty mad. I didn’t marry Don Juan, but JEEZ! He has since learned. My own father once gave my mother a box of Valentines’ chocolates that his adult niece dropped off for him at his office while he was out. As an average American dude who’d been married for a LONG time by then, he hadn’t thought twice about the holiday, but he then regifted the chocolates to my mom. A few weeks later, my cousin asked how were the chocolates? That is how my mom found out he hadn’t really remembered. It was really funny though! So, I already did my duty and sent my mom a card in the mail yesterday. Today, we had an after school cookie decorating party. On my watch, I only allowed the children to consume 1 cookie so as not to get sick and the plates were to be taken home.


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