Not fast food, but EASY gourmet BEEF


Wicked good beef

  I ‘ve never been much for recipes, but I’ve been cooking for probably 30 years; mostly, I figure stuff out. I was raised on beef from the butcher and my family flies in beef and lamb for me from our home property in Utah when they visit. Sunday dinners were grand affairs. If you spend 3 hours at church,  you need a reward. 😉  How do you make great beef? The slower you cook it, the better.  This beef was cooked in a cast iron pot in the oven on 300 degrees for about 6 hours. Cover the chuck roast (this one is just from Albertsons) with Lipton onion recipe soup & dip mix, pour h20 on top until it covers the beef about 1 inch high for a piece of meat that fills the pot about 2/3 full. You can substitute a bit of the h20 for red wine. It makes the best and most mouth watering beef. Also, the leftover beef makes the best sandwich meat. The carrots were also thrown in the pot. I normally throw in potatoes and onions too. It is so easy that I didn’t make it today, but took 2 seconds to tell my husband to do it cause I was busy. It was awesome! Try it!

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