Inspirational story of hard work

I love to walk. That is why I blog about it among other stuff. It is somewhat of a dying thing in our “civilized” society. After I graduated college, my first gig was a temp job. I didn’t want to spend my hard earned pennies on parking my car in the city so I walked. I also didn’t want to spend about .75 cents each way to ride the UTA bus to work. So for most of the time I had that job, I walked. It was about 5 miles round trip. It was summer and so it was pretty enjoyable and a good break from the monotony of the data entry that I’d be doing upon arrival, but I didn’t have to do data entry for long. I didn’t get my dream job by any means, but eventually I got a better offer of employment. Yesterday, this story came across my Facebook feed. Thanks to a cool young observant guy, this person has a changed life. I hope it will bring good things to him; not like the lotto winners that sometimes find their lives ruined after the money changes things for them.


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