Going home to hike, but not soon enough.

The other day, I finally got through on the British Airways US hotline. I almost had a heart attack cause I’d been trying randomly for the past few months and the blogosphere wasn’t positive about wait times of +60 minutes. I don’t have that kind of longevity. Then, because it wasn’t “my” account, the guy in India wouldn’t let me make the booking. I started telling him my story of trying to get through and I was NOT letting him off the phone with me. Finally, he told me what to do so I could book from my husband’s account and I with sadness hung up defeated that I’d never get to use my AVIOS. When I amazingly figured out how to do what the guy told me, I then decided since I got through earlier that I’d call back immediately and try to get through. #1.Busy signal #2. waiting on hold 3. got additional phone to work with 4. Got through again with backup phone! I had a few options that fell through and then decided to again try for spring break flight options. It worked with a bit of flexibility and missing one additional day off of school. The call took +40 minutes and now I can see why I could never get through. I could barely understand the kind Indian woman as she spelled out every one of our names and vital details: A as in alpha-n as in Nevada- y- as in yellow-and I was always as in India etc…..  There was a great deal of confusion on my behalf, but the emailed documents were correct. Since the flight prices have been outrageous for spring break, I had been contemplating making the 4 days drive for the 9 day break, but now my driving time has been drastically reduced thanks to PDX-SLC flights. So, if you have some awesome AVIOS, keep trying they aren’t worthless. If you don’t, you could try to get some by checking out a travel hacker blog. I have a hiker blog that hacks.

Red Cliffs, Utah

Red Cliffs, Utah

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