Last day of January…

I already wrote about how the local mountains don’t have much snow this season. I’m glad I didn’t gift my children ski school for Christmas like last year cause I don’t like to waste my money on bad ski conditions. Since I grew up skiing I’m pretty picky about “conditions” and a tight wad. Anyway, today it is beautiful outside as it has been the past couple of days. Where to walk? ย I had a couple of pleasant walks this week to pick upย the childrenย and socialize at the school. It has been bit more like April around here. My older daughter came home when it was getting shady in the late afternoon and she called to ask where I was so I told her: “Well, since you weren’t smart enough to wear a coat this morning or bring your key and standing in the shade will get you cold pretty fast, why don’t you walk to us to keep warm and meet us half way?” She took my advice, but carried her trumpet with her. Since she had been at a music competition all day, she was all dressed in black hauling a trumpet around the neighborhood. When we met up, I was kind enough to give her my fleece and carry her trumpet on the return trek, but I told her she could leave the trumpet at home if we ever encounter a similar situation. We don’t live in the hood after all; plus who wants to steal a used middle school trumpet? I’m glad she’s conscientious though!


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