Passport renewal process X 4


You could DIY for cheaper than $20, but Costco gets it done!

School was off today so I realized it was a perfect day to renew our passports. Saturday, we went to Costco to get our head shots. For once, my photo wasn’t dreadful. I look like a convict in my current one. The kids’ passports expire in less than 2 months and they already don’t work for Europe so they’re essentially useless so it was overdue. Mine had a bit more mileage on it, but not much so it was time to bite the bullet and fork over the ca$h, deal with the paperwork, and go to the official civil servants. Child passports are only valid for 5 years in USA so you don’t get as much bang for your buck. At Costco, the photographer had to take the photo of my 8 year old 10+ times cause she kept blinking from the flash. I asked if we could just turn off the flash and he said it couldn’t be done so we kept trying. Finally, her eyes were open in small slits and I said that we’d have to go with it cause she is cross eyed and that was probably affecting things. It was impossible for her not to blink, it would happen so fast and the reaction was so uncontrollable. After arriving at the proper location with my husband, (not easy to schedule something on a weekday with him) we discover the post office only processes passports until 2 p.m. Awesome since it was about 2:30! After reading the fine print, we discovered that we could go somewhere else until 4:30 and it happened to be across the street. After spending the morning filling out paperwork and getting proper documents in order, I only had to redo 2/3 of my documentation. 🙂 The workers were nice and fairly busy with passport sales. Total: $80 X 3 child passports, $25 X 3 service fees, $20 photos, $110 adult passport & .70 cents postage for adult passport to mail. (Remarkably, I had exactly 70 cents in my wallet/coin purse as I always pay with credit card and they accepted only cash or check) credit cards=points! 😉 Just say NO to ca$h. Total: $445.70. Pretty expensive, but now I can get back to surfing on since we’ll soon be valid passport holders again. YEE HAW!!

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