Vintage Sundance film festival

My twitter feed reminded me about the Sundance Film Festival. Since one of the people I follow: The Points GUY was in UTAH. So since my sister lives in Park City, I decided to text her to see if there was any exciting stuff going on since she works and lives downtown. The answer is that there were a lot of people dressed out of the ordinary and she saw a young guy get chased around by paparazzi or something. (Patagonia jackets were exchanged for furs.) Anyway, this reminded me of Sundance film festivals of the past. When I was at the University of Utah a few decades ago, a guy in my class went to Park City and came back to recount this story. He was in town for a Sundance film and he saw the male “Friends” stars. So, he decided to get their autograph. The guy in my class was super nice, but short and stocky. He said they ran away from him. Literally RAN! So he described to us how they ran off and he chased them. We laughed so hard imagining this situation in class the following Monday. —-apparently he scared Joey….. At a later date, my husband and I attended a film together and after at the Q & A was Heath Ledger answering questions about an Australian film he was in that we had just watched, prior to his becoming famous. As a result, I always took an interest in his career may he RIP. If you like odd movies, it’s an interesting event. If you like to chase stars around, you can probably find a lot of entertainment.


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