Is it really almost the end of January?

Tomorrow, my daughter was supposed to go sledding at Mount Hood with our church youth group. I was unwilling to go not due to my lack of LOVE for sledding, but because my husband couldn’t drive us. I do my best to avoid driving in the snow. In around 1992, I wrecked in the snow after a high school basketball game. There were no serious injuries to me or my pals thankfully, but I don’t drive in the snow unless I have to. Generally speaking, it is usually not too hard to do where I now live. However, we have had 2 epic snowstorms since moving here. The first one happened in 2008. Here is some data on the event. “The “Arctic Blast” of December 2008 was the most significant snow event in 40 years…..” (  Needless to say, generations of people in the Portland, Oregon area had never experienced that. Last year we got a big storm too. In 2008, the children were still young and we didn’t own any awesome sleds, but soon after we bought some and they collected a lot of dust until 2014 when they got a ton of use. So, why aren’t the youth going sledding? Because it is supposed to be too warm tomorrow and there isn’t enough snow at the mountain. 😦 It sure doesn’t feel like January. For the record, I love love love a snowstorm more than anything so this explains the photo.


Snow in suburbia!!!!


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