What do you like to do together?

Yesterday, I finally made it for my first day of volunteering in my 2nd grader’s class for this school year. I was way preoccupied in the fall so I couldn’t commit. Amazingly, this child asked me the other day if I would volunteer in her class. I was already planning on doing it anyway, but since she had asked…. Some children, probably most, get to a point where their parents embarrass them so maybe it becomes time to stay away. Growing up we had these over achiever friends whose mom was at the high school more than once per day micromanaging her kids’ lives so nobody wanted to become HER. (There is now a name for this—–helicopter parents.) When I arrived in the classroom yesterday, I was introduced and asked what do you like to do together? I said: Hike. “Oh, that is why you are in such good shape….” said the teacher so I was feeling pretty good, but then my daughter starts grumbling beside me that that isn’t what “we” like to do. So she needed to give her 2 cents and the question got asked to her. She responded: Crafts. Yes it is true. Once upon a time, making crafts was the bane of my existence, but gradually you adapt in your profession (SAHM) and now we can make something pretty cool with some scraps of material, cardboard, paper, and glue.

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