Life in the bike lane

Bike wrecks….. I had a few bad ones when I was a child. Once upon a time, I even destroyed my cousin’s brand new birthday bike. We were in Wyoming.

Downtown Portlandia

Downtown Portlandia

My cousin and older brother were racing ahead of me and then we got separated by a truck and a horse trailer. I was trying to keep up, but I hit the truck and the wheel of my cousin’s new bike bounced all the long of the truck and trailer while I remained on the bike. Remarkably I was fine, but a little bruised. The older couple driving the truck probably about killed over from fright. I ended up sitting in a police car. I was so scared that I was in trouble. My family showed up and then after it was obvious that I was okay, we went to the store and I got a “get well” or we’re glad you’re alive board game as a present. I’ve always felt bad about destroying my cousin’s new bike, but since I could have probably died that day, I must have been made for great things. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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