Top 10 lists….

The only people who should make top 10 lists are interns that work for Dave Letterman. If you are into travel blogs then many people want to share their top 10 list. This is the top 10 list of why you should go to #Maldives right now! Well, inevitably someone will come along and dispute your lack of expert knowledge about such a destination. This is where I come in… Lately on my twitter feed there have been many of these so called lists and or people sick of these lists. One of my facebook friend’s and former school mates’ put up a list of top 10 hikes in Utah. This girl is amazing. She is always rock climbing or biking some awesome place that only hard core people make it to. Anyway, she posted this list and quickly deconstructed it. Good thing the poor soul who created it didn’t see our mockery, since he left off one of the most famous hikes in the world. LOL. To us, that hike was just something every scout troop had to do to be considered a scout. Another time, I saw a list of the top 10 states or something like that. Since my home state was low on the top 10 list, I was irritated, but even more so when the reason for putting it on the top 10 list was a destination that I don’t even deem worthy.   (luxury  ≠  best) The lists when done by EXPERTS can be a good starting point when you are going on a dream trip to fulfill check lists. For example, if you are going to Paris for your first time the Eiffel Tower is a natural starting point. There are some who will mock you that you’re doing something super generic, but it is a destination for a reason. You will likely enjoy other experiences more, but there is no harm in doing it. Create your own list!


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