To plan or not to plan ? ? ?

I’m not much of a planner except when it comes to travel so I guess I am a planner when it comes to priorities. When I was the activities director for my church, it always felt so weird to plan activities for the next December in December. I hated it! I’m not very organized, but I always have a lot of faith that things will come together in the moment. I don’t get stressed out about much and I can work like a dog when necessary. Now that I am volunteer working with young women in my church and we had to plan the 2015 year’s activities the other day, it gave me flash backs. Why are we talking about December in January? Anyway, last week we had to make some commitments for summer 2015. 2 days after committing my week and my daughter’s to girls’ camp in July, we got called to see if we could come to the family reunion in July. Since my father in law is 81 and we hadn’t made it to the family event in many years, I said yes and then we were going to make it all happen. Then, reality of logistics set in so I cancelled one top summer commitment to attend the family reunion. The reason being is that I cannot pack and unpack for 3 major family events taking place over huge distances and terrains within one week’s time frame. I just had to protect my sanity, though crazier people could have pulled it off. I know some people don’t get bothered by throwing ski gear in the car and just going skiing last minute or worse camping, but when you have multiple people and you lose just ONE ski glove, your “fun” can be destroyed. When you have limited resources, you try NOT to buy gloves at the bottom of the chair lift. (This is a real world example and the glove was relocated upon retracing steps.) FUN was RESTORED! So….Are you a planner?????

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