BACK to the grind…..

This week has been great to get back into the groove of things, but it always comes with its’ challenges. First of all, super sad about the incidents in Paris this week. One of my best friends is a dentist there and lives very close to many landmarks. We visited her in March. Another friend lives somewhere else in the city and we didn’t have time to visit him, but he’s coming to Portland this summer. Since I used to live in France when I was 15 and again at 22 years old, it is very much my second home. I have never lived in Paris, but visited several times. These terrorist attacks affect us all. A lot of people have shown their support for les français so this has been a source of pride and comfort to them I think.

Getting back into the groove means early rising. Early for me is to get up before 7:00 a.m. so I can wake my kids up. Then driving my daughter to school for before school jazz band practice and dropping the other 2 at elementary school. A couple of days we were able to walk to school and yesterday my daughter took a spill on the ice that was on the ground. It was a pretty rough way to start off the morning. The day before, I’d been out walking a trail and noticed it was a bit icy. Well, when I first moved to Portland, I went to my backyard and took a big spill as I went down my cement pathway because we have so much moss on the cement here that it is always slick in the winter even if it isn’t cold. As I lay there not knowing if I would be able to get up and having a baby asleep in a crib, it was a little terrifying. A few minutes later, I was able to roll over and get up. My head was thankfully not injured at all, but it probably awakened my tail bone problems for a week. So… it is very dangerous to walk in Portland in the wet months cause of the moss growth. Usually in the summer, it retreats to safe levels for awhile. So, while it was barely freezing here I think the moss coupled with ice crystals made for some slick conditions this week. Also, we started a groupon gymnastics class to try out which seemed fun for the kids. So many kids here (and in USA) do expensive sports activities and I can’t commit. We commit to music lessons at our home so I give my kids the choice of a sports option as well, but not constantly as the financial and time commitments are insane. Ultimately, we do a lot of cross training. Being raised on skis, I’m pretty agile, but my kids will never ski to the extent that I did so hopefully they can get skills in different ways.


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