New Year’s Resolutions……..

I have to admit, I’m not one for new year’s resolutions. I’m not going to try to lose 20 lbs. If I did I’d have to buy new clothes and I’d look emaciated, but I’m less svelte than I should be; plus, I don’t believe in all of the junk diets that exist out there. However, I had purchased some Fanta for New Year’s Eve. Yeah, we’re wild here!!! I was having a “tween” party and the colorful flavors looked appealing for tweens. Later, I looked at that stuff in my cupboard and it made me sick. Frankly, I have been getting a soda way too often lately. When I say “too often” I mean maybe maximum twice a week, but that stuff is just garbage for your body. I LOVE Coca Cola  as much as the next gal, but I won’t go near “diet drinks” since I’ve always viewed them as chemically more detrimental than the regular high fructose corn syrup junk. Lately, I’ve even come into contact with science supporting my crazy conspiracy theories about “diet products”.  So…. I told my husband on January 2nd that I thought we should give up “pop.” (Some people call it different things so this may be a “Utah” term. ha ha!!) I’ve given up “pop” many times before for long periods so it won’t be too traumatic for me. Although, I have a “strange addiction” and it is that I’m addicted to Costco hotdogs and they go very nicely with soda, plus Costco tries to make you fat by giving the drink and a hot dog for the same price as the hot dog on its’ own.  My husband is a fairly health conscious guy so he thought that would be fine since we’ve done it before with little difficulty. We don’t have an end goal date, but there is no reason for putting that stuff in our body. I have never written a “list” of resolutions, but today at church someone said that you can be a lot more successful if you write it down. How much better if I tell my awesome blog friends?? Will you give up anything? Keep in mind, this is a no fanatic zone so I’m not going to care if you drink a soda. LOL For me, it’s just the easiest way to eliminate something far from optimal from MY diet.


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