Tokyo Disney SEA pics from (12-4/12-5-14)

This park is actually next to the sea and it is a separate place from Tokyo Disney located down the street. I have already posted about Tokyo Disney Sea. Many hard core Disney fans already have this on their “life list”. I’m not a hard core fan, but a fan for sure. Some would think a first time trip to Japan would be wasted on Disney, but when you tote your kids around the globe and they endure your stuff, then Disney makes them VERY HAPPY. Also, Tokyo Disney Sea is just a remarkable place. The bonus is that it cost $501 for 3 days worth of tickets for 5 people. I’ll let cost conscious people do their own comparisons with their favorite Disney (West or East coast) counterparts. The best and worst thing about the Tokyo Disney Parks is that they didn’t have any souvenir I wanted to buy. Normally, the merchandise is very enticing, but the style was a bit different. For example: NOBODY wore Mickey ears. They wear furry character hats like stuffed animals. Although the kids would have loved to sport those around, I wasn’t buying them! What can I say, the nostalgia of the Mickey ears is where it is at for me. So it’s good cause I saved money on not buying souvenirs, but it’s bad cause NO fun Tokyo Disney souvenir. I’m slow to get these additional pictures online so I’ll now conclude the #rtw stuff. After 3 days in Tokyo Disney, we had a midnight flight to catch back to the good ole United States of America.


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