We went to the Portland Waterfront for a family New Year’s walk today. It was really cold for Portlandia, which means it was slightly below freezing. Just about every other place I’ve lived, 30-32 degrees (F) doesn’t even rate, but what can I say, Portland weakens your coping skills. On the other hand, when people move in from the overpopulated Southern state, they supposedly can’t endure our dark dank drizzly days. Today, it was gloriously sunny. I had some brand new shoes of a style I’ve pretty much been addicted to wearing for over 10 years and so I had to sport my new running shoes for the 1st day of 2015. Disclaimer: I always walk and hike in running shoes. I left my running days in the dust, but I won’t give up my running shoe fetish. I used to wear hiking boots, but I’m pretty much only a day trekker so I haven’t owned any in years. If you want to know what will pump you up for being fit in the new year, it is: NEW ATHLETIC ATTIRE. Get some it will improve your mood! On another note, I have just managed to look at some of my blog post “likers” blogs. Really cool stuff! I’m usually pretty overwhelmed learning how to do this. My hobby (WHB) and domestic chores have definitely suffered, but I now have a blog a few people read. (My mom isn’t even a “follower!”) The moment I make my first $5 from my blog, I’m going to call myself a blogger. ha ha ha!!! I’m not holding my breath though. GRACIAS!!

new shoes with blinding laces!!!

new shoes with blinding laces!!!


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