Wedding Anniversary……

I got married 15 years ago today in the St. George Latter-day Saint temple. (Mormon) My ancestors built this temple and I’m distantly related to most of the original settlers of the town. Getting married in a Mormon temple isn’t the easiest endeavor. If you know any Mormons then you know we live a bit counterculture. Mormons tend to get married earlier than their peers. Many Mormons are pretty much broke and in college when they get married. We were a lot better off as I had already graduated from the University of Utah, but my husband was a bit younger and just getting started. I started my first real job a few weeks after we got married, but he wouldn’t be done for many years with a doctorate in engineering. We had our honeymoon near my home since we too were broke. The groom was an Idaho guy. We went to Zion National Park. If you have read this blog then you’ve probably already come across that destination. It’s my favorite of all destinations. We stayed in the park at the Lodge from 12/28-12/31 when we got kicked out due to full occupancy. The lodge has really good breakfast IMHO; if you like thick slices of egg battered and buttered French toast and every other American breakfast item. There was definitely some hiking involved to work it off. Of course after we got kicked out for New Year’s Eve 1999, it snowed at Zion. That was a real disappointment since I missed it and it doesn’t actually snow that far South often and I love snow! We got to see the pictures in the local newspaper or the news before going back North to Salt Lake City for job and school. A lot of people would like to get married somewhere very beautiful and the St. George temple definitely qualifies, but more importantly the entry requirements for marriage there make it so people often value their union.

St. George Temple

St. George Temple


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