Have you ever dreamed of traveling, but you don’t know where to start?

I started collecting miles in 2003. Collecting miles is for frequent fliers, right? Yes. (Not necessarily! It can also be for those who want to become frequent fliers.)  In 2003, I set up many different accounts and always booked the best deal airfare I could find, but always added our ff numbers. We had moved from Utah to Pennsylvania, but our family was still in the Rocky Mountains so we’d need to get home regularly. The miles added up little by little. When we moved back where we could reasonably drive to visit family, I quit my mileage banking.  In 2008, we flew all 5 of us from PDX to EYW for free on earned mileage. (…….kind of like a frequent diner’s card where you obsessively don’t forget to get your card stamped!)  In 2008, I needed to get to BOS the next day. Last minute flights across the country are not cheap, but I still had some earned miles banked and it saved me hundreds of dollars. Actually, I simply wouldn’t have been able to go if I didn’t have miles. That year, we also flew on miles PDX to SAT for deep discounts. All of this because I started banking miles before frequent flights starting in 2003-2007. In 2013, I discovered www.frugaltravelguy.com I was a traveler before and I will be regardless of this discovery, but I learned a lot from this website and I started my banking up again. Would you like to travel smart too? Others will call it free travel, but I consider that a misnomer. I can send you a personal invitation to a great credit card to start off your journey. Disclaimer: Your credit is a very valuable asset. It belongs to you. You need to use it wisely! If you pursue this offer, it is a contractual offer between you and the issuing bank.


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